Port Agency

Established in 1953, and acquired by the DVA group in 1990, Agencia Selinger has been a mainstay of Venezuelan ports for over half a century. Agencia Selinger provides a full range of agency services in all of Venezuela’s main ports, and is the source of a great deal of synergies with the commodity trading activities of DVA; providing a trusted, local presence within each of the ports DVA's raw materials flow through.

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Selinger Estibadores, C.A. handles the loading and unloading of bulk commodities in all of Venezuela’s major ports. Although a profit centre in its own right, Selinger Estibadores brings great benefits to the DVA Group's commodity trading business. Selinger Estibadores provides DVA traders -and their counterparts- with peace of mind regarding the care and efficiency with which their products are loaded and unloaded on Venezuelan shores.

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Customs Agency

Selinger Aduana provides customs brokerage services in all major Venezuelan ports. Relying on a wide span of local relations and a thorough knowledge of import/export law, Selinger Aduana coordinates and expedites the timely presentation of all the documentation and duties necessary for a successful import or export operation. Through close cooperation with DVA’s commodity trading business, Selinger Aduana provides DVA clients with a trusted source of advisory services and operational support in the import and export of goods through Venezuelan ports.

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