In continuing with its policy of vertical integration, the DVA group began investing in transportation infrastructure in 1991. By investing in physical logistics facilities, DVA guarantees direct control over the supply chain of the commodities it markets. Since its venture into this business area, DVA has operated entire ports, owned and operated dry bulk and liquid terminals and held minority interests in offshore coal transhipment hubs.


Shown at right, Bulkwayuu exemplifies the type of strategic investment in bulk transportation infrastructure that DVA targets. A floating coal terminal located off the coast of the Venezuelan state of Zulia, Bulkwayuu is owned and operated in conjunction with CoeClerici S.p.A.

Thanks to Bulkwayuu, local mines -previously constrained by a shallow harbour- can now export up to 35.000MT of coal a day. Previously limited to exporting via Handymax vessels, these same mines can now ship Panamax cargos. Naturally, this has led to a close symbiotic relationship developing between local mining operations and our trading arm.

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