The DVA Group’s involvement in the security printing industry goes back to 1986, when the firm was approached by industry leaders De La Rue PLC, who were at that time looking to establish a local presence in Venezuela. Since then, The DVA group has acted as the cornerstone for all of De La Rue’s marketing, business development initiatives and logistical operations within Venezuela. This initial representation led to similar contracts with coin minters The Royal Mint, and currency printers Thomas Greg & Sons, of Colombia.

In 2005, The DVA group became a formal participant in the security printing industry through its co-investment in ThomasVen, a Special Printing Facility (SPF) in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. This joint venture –carried out alongside Thomas Greg & Sons- is the first of its kind on Venezuelan soil. As the sole Venezuelan shareholders, the DVA group is completely responsible for all of ThomasVen’s relationships with the Venezuelan Central Bank, and private consumers of all value added security papers, stamps, pre-paid cards and other high security products in the sector. Please see video at right for an overview of our production facilities in Barquisimeto.   Thomas Greg & Sons video

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